Artificial intelligence: a threat or a tool? (Part 3 out of 3)


  • Learn more about AI-powered tools
  • Improve your chances to get hired
  • How to use AI technologies for everyday tasks

How to improve your chances of getting hired with the help of AI? Meet a new series of 3 online workshops that will help you effectively use modern technologies in your job search!

These workshops cover 3 areas of improvement.

Establishing a professional brand on LinkedIn

AI-driven analysis and improvements of the profile, getting started with content writing and social engagement and building up your professional network. How to use ChatGPT and LinkedIn features properly to do that.

Effective outreach for job applications

Identification of relevant job opportunities, finding the decision-makers, and building up proper and personalized outreach to them with the help of AI. How to automate data collection and AI possibilities with Drafter AI to scale job search.

Improving professional performance

Getting the most of AI technologies in internal communications and everyday tasks. How to utilize AI features responsibly and securely.

Important: This workshop has 3 parts. The other dates are the 13th of June and the 27th of June.

You can do all 3 parts or just some of them. It's up to you! Once you have registered for one part, we will automatically register you for the other ones. 

Wie organiseert dit event?


Oleh Voronko

Oleh Voronko - CEO Drafter AI. Launched more than 50 products with AI-powered features during the last 10 years. He has been working on implementing AI technologies to increase productivity during the last 5 years.


Hanna Taube

As an experienced event and art management professional, I bring a wealth of skills and expertise to any project!

Probeer open te staan voor alles wat er op je pad komt, heb vertrouwen, want er komt echt wel weer iets leuks voorbij. Wanneer is niet bekend, maar ga intussen zoveel mogelijk workshops e.d. volgen, nieuwe mensen ontmoeten, gesprekken voeren en dan kom je er wel.

- Ilse (Team Hoorn)