English Talent Program

Take control of your own career and expand your network! 

As an event manager and volunteer at JobOn, you independently organize events in one of the cities where JobOn is active. You put yourself out there and you become a connecting factor among fellow job seekers. To help you with this, we have developed a talent program in which we guide and coach you towards your first event(s). 

In which region can I start? 

We are looking for people in the following regions: Aalsmeer, Amstelveen, Hilversum, Leiden, Zaandam and Zeist. Are you from these regions? Great! 

I live somewhere else: No problem, sign up anyway, and we will find a solution.  

Are you in between jobs, or would you like to expand your network? Do you have time that you would like to invest in others and yourself? Do you want to organize one – or more – events for jobseekers? The Talent program will help you navigate the Dutch job market.


What are the benefits of becoming an event manager?   

  • You can manage your own time and work from home; 
  • You plan and carry out your own events;
  • Collaboration with enthusiastic and driven fellow job seekers;
  • Participation in masterclasses; 
  • A large network, in which you can put yourself on the map; 
  • Organize events together with professional trainers; 
  • The opportunity to do something for others. 

You decide for yourself whether you want to organize a live workshop, a webinar or a coaching session in nature. All forms are possible and can be in collaboration with trainers and fellow event managers. During this process, you can always ask for guidance from our Talent Manager Lotte Langevoort.  

Volunteer work to increase your job opportunities. 

Being an event manager at JobOn is voluntary, but not without obligations. During your time as an event manager your network will expand, you can learn and, above all, you can start doing what you want. 

On average, you spend 4 to 8 hours per week on this job, and you can spread these hours over the week. You will organize your own event in the city for which you have registered, under the guidance of JobOn and in collaboration with other event managers. 

Applying for a job is always a priority, so you may have to say goodbye to us because you have found a job! But of course, you can also do volunteer work next to your job. 

Step 1: Please fill out the interest form below; 

Step 2: Lotte contacts you via a call; 

Step 3: You get access to our online introduction environment; 

Step 4: Start talent program. 

The program consists of 2 sessions in which you will expand your network with the other participants of the talent program, and learn digital skills, organization skills and host skills. These will help you to organize and create your own valuable events.  

We start in Utrecht on the 20th of August 09:30 to 13:30 (inc. lunch), the 2nd session is online on the 27th of August from 10:00 to 12:00.