Typology of personality DISC: how to combine your talents and job


  • Understand your uniqueness in order to avoid mistakes
  • Make your choices as correct as possible

How well do you know your strengths? In order to find a job, understanding your talents is extremely important, because it will save you from many mistakes.

What about the weak points? What job will definitely not make you happy, even with a high salary and a convenient location?

Features of personality

Each of us has certain features of the personality, and this is what we will talk about in our workshop "Typology of personality DISC: how to combine your talents and job".

What will you learn?

  1. 4 DISC Personality Types
  2. Strengths and weaknesses of each type
  3. Determine your personality type
  4. Understand what tasks you will do best in the job of your dreams.
  5. Learn more about how to build relationships with others, at work and in life

About the speaker

Olha Petrova has been working with the DISC typology since 2013 as a trainer and consultant. The main areas of her work are DISC in the work environment, team building and recruitment. She will gladly share her broad experience with the participants of the workshop.

Join us in this engaging and motivating workshop! 

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Olha Petrova

I enjoy bringing people together and creating opportunities for growth. I am a highly qualified business coach, personnel assessment and development consultant.

Probeer open te staan voor alles wat er op je pad komt, heb vertrouwen, want er komt echt wel weer iets leuks voorbij. Wanneer is niet bekend, maar ga intussen zoveel mogelijk workshops e.d. volgen, nieuwe mensen ontmoeten, gesprekken voeren en dan kom je er wel.

- Ilse