Tailor Your CV to Match Job


  • Get the skills and knowledge necessary to customize your resume to closely align with the specific requirements and preferences of a desired job position.
  • Understand the importance of tailoring your CVs to highlight relevant qualifications, experiences, and achievements.
  • Increasing your chances of securing interviews and advancing in your careers.

"Tailor Your CV to Match Job Requirements" emphasizes the importance of adjusting your resume to closely match the needs of the job you want. In today's competitive job market, where recruiters sift through numerous applications, a customised CV can make a significant difference in catching their attention and securing interviews. 

About the workshop
This training takes a proactive approach to writing resumes, stressing the importance of customizing your professional story to match the specific needs of each job you're applying for. By customising their CVs to reflect relevant skills, experiences, and accomplishments that directly address the requirements outlined in job postings, candidates demonstrate their suitability for the role and their genuine interest in the position. 

Personal Branding
Moreover, "Tailor Your CV to Match Job Requirements" speaks to the broader concept of personal branding. It highlights the need for individuals to present themselves in the best possible light by strategically showcasing their strengths and qualifications. In doing so, candidates not only increase their chances of being noticed by employers but also establish a strong personal brand that resonates with potential employers. 

Strategic resume writing
This workshop serves as a call to action for individuals to take control of their professional narratives and position themselves as ideal candidates in the job market. It underlines the importance of strategic resume writing in navigating today's competitive job landscape, where customisation is key to standing out among a sea of applicants. It encourages candidates to invest time and effort in customising their resumes to meet the specific needs of employers.

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About the trainer

Aida cracked the secrets of resume writing. She mostly gets invited for the job interviews that she applies for and throughout the process she learned the tips that could help you. She will share her insights with you!

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Aida Delic

I know how tough job hunting can be, and I’m here to help. I’ve been through it myself and would love to share my experiences with you. Let’s team up and make our goals a reality.

De periode bij JobOn heeft me laten ervaren dat ik het leuk vind om nieuwe dingen te leren en heeft me zelfvertrouwen gegeven. Mijn JobOn ervaring heb ik met enthousiasme besproken tijdens mijn sollicitatie gesprek. Ik kan de opgedane kennis en ervaring toepassen in mijn huidige baan.

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