Networking in your own way


  • You will get a different view on 'networking' and discover that you will enjoy it and can do it (really!)
  • You practice having network conversations
  • You will learn how to approach new contacts, online and offline

Networking, you can't ignore it. You probably know that it is THE way to find new work, but how do you think about the networking thing? And how do you approach it?

What are we going to do?

With the help of various exercises, we help you to experience that networking is fun and quite simple. We won't make it more difficult than it is. We start by getting to know each other, discussing your experiences with networking and what you would like to learn during this workshop. We look at how you can approach new contacts, both online and offline, practice networking conversations and your personal story.

Dare to ask

We immediately put networking into practice, because we conclude with a “dare to ask” round. Here we look at what we can do for each other to find out more about a position / organization or the job you are looking for. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your networking skills and expand your professional connections. Sign up now and take the first step towards mastering the art of networking!

Wie organiseert dit event?


Anneke Mosman

The main theme in my career is helping people and organisations how to develop their self. This year I found a new job by networking and I like to share my tips and experience with you.


Nataliia Rogoza

Since I recently found my dream job, I would love to help newcomers get the jobs they desire in the Netherlands.


Imre Meier

Gestart als Werkstudent bij JobOn ben ik sinds maart 2023 aan de slag gegaan als Communicatiespecialist. Alles met betrekking tot de social media kanalen en de website vallen onder mijn werkzaamheden. Je kunt mij mailen via

Blijf geloof houden en jezelf ontwikkelen. Het maakt je erg aantrekkelijk voor een toekomstige werkgever.

- Eventmanager: Priscilla