Discover Your Work Direction


  • Understand your core values and how they would align with your ideal job
  • Explore your strengths and passions
  • Define which direction to go
  • Meet like minded people and make new friendships!

We've got something super cool coming your way! Introducing: "Discover Your Work Direction" Masterclass! Are you ready to take off on a journey of self-discovery and career clarity? Save the date - 9, December! This masterclass is going to take you on a wild ride of understanding, reflection and a lot of inspiration!

What will be in there for you:

  • Understanding Your Core Values
    Let's kick things off by diving deep into what makes you tick. We'll help you uncover those gems and see how they align with potential career paths. It's all about staying true to yourself!
  • Self-Assessment and Reflection
    Next up, we're going to explore your strengths and passions. Get ready for some self-discovery exercises and cool tools that'll make you go, "Wow, I never thought of that!". It's all about gaining insights into what makes you, YOU.

And many more.

Ready to dive into this exciting journey of self-discovery and career empowerment? If the answer is a resounding YES, then quickly enrol here, the spots are usually gone away quickly! See you there and we can’t wait to meet YOU!

Two HR Superheroes are here to help!

  • Helen Omelchenko. Making the world of hiring fun and extraordinaire. Giving a chance to shine in people’s dream role.
  • Elena Makarenko. Reading people minds with an X-Ray vision and making them happy by giving them chances to make their career dreams come true.

Wie organiseert dit event?


Helen Omelchenko

Helen is a true people wizard with years of HR expertise. She is connecting passionate people with the most incredible projects. Her superpower is to uplift and inspire others.


Elena Makarenko

Elena is Global Talent Acquisition Specialist who believes that recruiting is one of the best tools to impact positively on people's life and change their lives for better.


Adelina Potrymay

Drijf niet door in het vinden naar de baan. Durf ook te vertrouwen wat op je pad komt. Kies bewust voor momenten van solliciteren en momenten van vrij zijn en gun jezelf hierin een goede balans. Dat geeft rust en het gevoel dat je toch zinvol bezig bent en je inzet voor die nieuwe toffe baan.

- Ellen